UIH’ entrepreneurship model are developed based on a set of values called LOVE (Local Wisdom, Omniconnectivity, Virtue and Ecological Harmony). Local wisdom means empowering local ideas, people and products. Omniconnectivity means building partnerships with all stakeholders to add values and to increase the welfare of all parties. Virtue means integrating commercial and social motives to solve our world’s problems. Ecological harmony means the whole business is as environmentally friendly as possible. LOVE is the foundation of future businesses that needs to be developed to create a better world.

The programmes include:

  1. Developing and managing entrepreneurship curriculum in UBAYA. 
  2. Nurturing startupreneurs
  3. Conducting research and review about potentials and challenges of entrepreneurs
  4. Organizing seminars, conferences and workshops related to entrepreneurship
  5. Developing  youth’s potentials as sources of change
  6. Developing and strengthening the networking of all parties that have the same concerns.